Best Water Softeners for Well Water 2022 [Latest Buying Guide and Reviews]

Best Water Softeners for Well Water

We all need clean water for several purposes like cleaning, washing, drinking, etc.

Water is a critical need of all human beings. However, if it is not pure, it can become your enemy, and you will end up inviting troubles in every phase of your life.

Also, well water is hard and contains lots of minerals, bacteria, lead, and the taste is terrible, which is detrimental to your health and lifestyle. Therefore, I suggest you invest in the best water softener for well water, saving you effort and time purifying the water.

Moreover, water softeners aim to remove magnesium, bacteria, calcium, and other harmful purities and ensure the water gets safe to use. Since the hard water is not suitable for your hair, skin, clothes, appliances, and even it can be troublesome to the water pipes.

Here I will confer some of the best water softeners for well water to purchase right away and give yourself a healthy lifestyle.

List of Top Water Softeners for Well Water

Water SoftenersDetailsCheck Price
Pentair WS48-56sxt10Type: Salt-based

Grain Capacity: 48,000

Ideal household size: Up to 6 persons
Iron Pro 2 Combination Type: Salt-based Softener, Ion exchange

Grain Capacity: 64,000

Ideal household size: Up to 4 persons
Aquasana WQ-Well UV PROType: Salt-free softener

Grain Capacity: 500,000 gallons

Ideal household size: Up to 5 persons
iSpring RCC7 High CapacityType: 5-Stage Ro Water Filter

Grain Capacity: 75 Gallons

Ideal household size: Up to 5 persons
Dura Water 80K 56-sxt-10ALType: Salt-based

Grain Capacity: 80,000

Ideal household size: Up to 8 persons
On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Portable Water SoftenerType: Salt-based

Grain Capacity: 16,000

Ideal household size: Up to 2 persons

Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck Water Softener for Well Water

Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck Water Softener for Well WaterProduct Overview

Type: Salt-based

Grain Capacity: 48,000

Ideal household size: Up to 6 persons


Next, we have Pentair WS48-56sxt10, which is one of the best water softeners for well water available in the market. It comes with a USB manual that guides you through a step-by-step process of installation.

The fleck control valve makes a difference and makes this water softener a perfect device for fighting iron and other hard particles.

Another exciting thing about this water softener system is the customized pipe connector because the company can not risk sending the whole system with the wrong measurement of pipe. So, you get a chance to get one according to your home and requirement.

In addition, the resin tank ensures to purify water and give you a crystal clear, clean, and crisp water supply for drinking and cleaning. Also, the tank is large enough to house 250 pounds of pelletized salt, saving you the effort to make an emergency visit to the store.

Pentair water softener has around 48,000-grain capacity and claims to feature a flow rate of 14 gallons per minute. Moreover, it comes with a meter-based regeneration cycle and uses up to 60 gallons of water during the whole process.

To gain your trust, it offers five years SXT digital meter control head warranty. Also, it claims tested and provides service for more than 27 years without a service requirement.



  • Digital meter control head.
  • Perfect for removing iron and calcium particles.
  • Clean the water enough to use for skin.
  • Easy install.
  • Unlimited warranty.


  • It comes with a hefty price.



Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener for Well Water

Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener for Well Water

Product Overview

Type:   Salt-based Softener, Ion exchange

Grain Capacity: 64,000

Ideal household size: Up to 4 persons


This budget-friendly water softener could be an excellent pick if you are looking for a device that does multitask. It will remove the harmful minerals from the well water, including iron, magnesium, and other particles that could be problematic to the water pipelines, becoming a  threat to your skin, hair, health, and appliances.

Also, the built-in iron filter in the water softener can make a difference and ensure there is no iron or heavy detrimental metal left in the drinking water. Moreover, the flow rate is impressive, and it features a capacity of up to 64,000 grain.

If you are a small family of four to six members, this could be the ideal water softener at your house. Though the appearance is traditional, it comes with a digital LCD which transmits information about the filter status, salt, etc.

Moreover, the installation of this best well water softener is not complex. However, I recommend you go through the manual or take help from any professional. Also, you can set up the softener whenever you want and be tension-free as it will regenerate enough for subsequent use.

Eventually, it is a long-lasting investment as the digital control valve comes with about a five-year warranty. In contrast, the brine tank features a warranty of up to 10 years.


  • It removes water hardness up to 6 ppm.
  • Bypass valve.
  • User-friendly with a digital meter.
  • The brine tank comes with a safety float.
  • Excellent warranty figures.


  • It comes with a hefty price tag.

Aquasana WQ-Well UV PRO Ast Salt-Free Water Softener for Well Water


Aquasana WQ-Well UV PRO Ast Salt-Free Water Softener for Well WaterProduct Overview

Type:   Salt-free softener

Grain Capacity: 500,000 gallons

Ideal household size: Up to 5 persons


Aquasana well water softener is a great and pocket-friendly choice for small families. The installation and filter changing processes are easily manageable without professional help.

It is not merely a water softener. However, it is a complete system that performs water purification, filtration, softening all in one place. It also claims to eliminate 97% of chlorine and 99.9% of other impurities and make your water ready to use for several purposes.

Moreover, its saltless technology and UV light purification justify the high price. It would offer extra clarification of contaminants that could be harmful to take. Also, the tank is big enough to have 500,000 gallons of grain capacity.

The dual tank system reduces the time of regeneration and ensures water availability every second of the day. Aquasana is the best water softener for well water that purifies our drinking water, rinses the sink, and removes all germs. It claims to make the water appropriate for washing hair or skin.

At last, no maintenance required feature of the best water softener is something that will appeal to you. It saves you from the extra cost and hurdle of changing filters. Besides, the softener system also plays a vital role in removing odd odors from the water, making it suitable for drinking.


  • Upflow dual-tank construction.
  • It reduces the scale buildup.
  • It doesn’t require backflushing.
  • The brine tank comes with a safety float.
  • Easy maintenance and long-lasting.
  • The system captures harmful particles and removes the unpleasant odor.


  • The softener consumes significant space.


iSpring RCC7 High Capacity Water Softener for Well Water

iSpring RCC7 High Capacity Water Softener for Well WaterProduct Overview

Type: 5-Stage Ro Water Filter

Grain Capacity: 75 Gallons

Ideal household size: Up to 5 persons


The well water is mostly hard as it is full of toxins. Since your body can not survive without clean water, it is recommended to drink at least eight glasses per day. You should be very careful and invest in the best water softener for well water.

This customizable and portable iSpring water softener is perfect for small spaces where you can not set large systems. It will save you significant space and offers relatively easy installation.

Furthermore, it claims to wipe out 1,000 divergent toxins from the water and make it clean to use for several purposes, including washing clothes, cleaning the skin, hair, and home appliances. It runs a 5-stage osmosis process to make your sink and drinking water crystal clear while removing all the smell.

Another best thing about this well water softener is the comfort of replacing filters. They are readily available and affordable. There is no need for frequent salt top-ups in this system, another factor to save cost.

In addition, to grab your attention, it became the ideal water softener by getting famous NSF and ANSI 58 certifications. Besides, it claims to have a capacity of around 75 gallons, and the flow rate is approximately 10 seconds to fill up a regular glass, which is pretty inspiring.

At last, I should mention that despite attaching under the sink and running a 5-stage process, it would not make any noise. And, in case of any part damages, it will be readily available in the market as the brand proposes lifetime support to their customers.


  • NSF/ANSI certified.
  • It easily fits under traditional sinks.
  • It promises to remove up to 99% of contaminants.
  • No frequent maintenance.
  • Micron layer protection.
  • Leak-free.


  • The installation requires professional assistance, ends up with the additional cost.

Dura Water 80K 56-sxt-10AL Water Softener for Well Water

Dura Water 80K 56-sxt-10AL Water Softener for Well WaterProduct Overview

Type: Salt-based

Grain Capacity: 80,000

Ideal household size: Up to 8 persons


Dura water 80K water softener for well water is on our list for obvious reasons. It offers easy and quick installation.

For people who can not measure the hardness of water, this incredible system comes with a testing strip so you can have an idea about how much the water is hard.

Moreover, with a grain capacity of 80,000 gallons, Dura water softener claims a flow rate of 14 to 16 gallons per minute, an inspiring number. Therefore, it is an ideal water softener for a family of up to 8 members.

Surprisingly, the tanks perform their job pretty well. The brine tank also features a safety float that helps to deal with any sudden overflow. Besides, you can expect a bypass valve presence in the Dura 80k water softener, ensuring the system is off while changing the filter or any other concern you could have. This way, you do not have to cut off the power supply and perform the required task.

In addition, Durawater justifies the hefty price tag by offering the latest technology and subtle design. This model houses 10% crosslinked resin that automatically reduces regeneration level and captures more impurities than the typical one.

Its features speak for themselves, but the LCD touchpad is another attractive point which informs you about the running status and provides complete control to the brine tank.


  • It includes a bypass valve.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • It ensures no overflow.


  • The program is a little complex


AFWFilters 5600SXT Water Softener for Well Water

AFWFilters 5600SXT Water Softener for Well WaterProduct Overview

Type: Salt-based

Grain Capacity: 48,000

Ideal household size: Up to 6 persons


All the conventional water softeners for well water perform a stunning job in removing calcium and magnesium from hard water and make it soft for drinking, cleaning, and using for other purposes.

AFWfilters step into the market with a 48,000-grain capacity and an advanced system consisting of a brine tank, polyglass tank, and a control head. In addition, the system is super user-friendly and economical. Besides, the polyglass tank offers superior resistance from rust and ensures the system’s durability.

The internal power backup of this best water softener for well water covers up to 48 hours in case of any power outage. Therefore, you won’t be having water scarcity under extreme conditions.

Moreover, the system offers protection from the overflow, which can cause a mess around the area. And the brine tank with enormous capacity does not require time to time maintenance, saves you time and effort.

It also claims to offer automatic regeneration to avoid any disturbances during the water supply. You can set the system and be tension-free. The quality of the system is stunning and durable, and it will provide value to your money.


  • Exceptional power backup.
  • Less maintenance requirement.
  • Automatic regeneration.
  • Polyglass tank.
  • 8% crosslink resin tank.


  • It does not fight with odor.


Whirlpool WHES40E Water Softener for Well Water

Whirlpool WHES40E Water Softener for Well WaterProduct Overview

Type: Salt-based

Grain Capacity: 40,000

Ideal household size: Up to 7 persons

The high presence of iron, calcium, magnesium and other toxins in the water can ruin the water’s taste, health, and efficiency, putting everything at risk. So, the best water softeners in the market can help you deal with it. Hence, Whirlpool WHES40E is a remarkable unit that is grabbing market attention rapidly.

So, suppose you face a hard water problem, and your craving for soft water is getting severe. In that case, you should invest in this best water softener for well water. It is perfect for large families with up to 7 people.

This water softener claims to wipe out 125 ppm of hardness from water. Also, it can remove ten ppm ferrous iron, make your water healthy enough to drink, washing hair and clothes, and clean appliances.

Moreover, you would not find separate brine and resin tank in this system as it concerns saving your money and space by introducing one cabinet. The whole process of cleaning, purifying, and removing hard particles from the water will take place under one tank, saves your utility bill.

The control panel with LCD help you monitor the running status. A salt-level indicator light will let you know when the system requires more salt and saves you from guessing and over-use the ingredient.

However, salt-saving technology would also eliminate the guesswork and regenerates water automatically according to your water consumption. You can call it a smart water softener for well water, considering its exciting and cost-saving features.


  • It removes up to 10 ppm of ferrous iron.
  • NSF certified
  • Automatic regeneration according to the usage.
  • Salt-saving technology.


  • Bit of Expensive.


On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Portable Water Softener for Well Water

On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable 16,000 Grain RV Water SoftenerProduct Overview

Type: Salt-based

Grain Capacity: 16,000

Ideal household size: Up to 2 persons


Are you a traveling freak? Do you go camping more often?  Or a family of two?

If yes, you should not waste time on large-size water softeners because this portable On The Go softener is enough for you. With a grain capacity of 16,000 only, it takes only 15 minutes to complete the regeneration and open the water supply with a flow rate of 7 gallons per minute.

It features a high flow rate and contains four different drinking quality pipes. Besides, you can take your water softener wherever you go as it weighs only 18 pounds and can be easily placed in your car trunk.

This portable On The Go water softener has a thoughtful design for small families of up to 2-4 people. Still, campers, travelers, and people who can not stop drinking water can also take it with them.

Furthermore, it comes with test strips that help you measure the water hardness. Now, you can test your water beforehand and purify it when you feel the presence of toxin particles. Also, it claims that the control valve of the system swivels up to 360 degrees.

Another economic factor is not the use of pelletized salt. Yes, you will save every penny that the unique softener salt could consume because it uses common salt, which should be readily available at home.

However, the plastic pipe ends could be shaky, so if you are going for a long weekend camping, make sure you bring an alternative.



  • Portable.
  • It is perfect for RVs.
  • Premium resin tank
  • Quick regeneration.
  • No power is required to operate.


  • No warranty claims.


Tier1 Everyday Series Water Softener for Well Water

Tier1 Everyday Series Water Softener for Well WaterProduct Overview

Type: Salt-based, Ion exchange

Grain Capacity: 48,000

Ideal household size: Up to 4 persons


Last but not least, we have a Tier1 water softener for well water. With a standard 48,000 grain capacity, this softener is suitable enough for up to 4 people. Furthermore, it includes a control valve of Fleck 5600SXT, which is an impressive feature to have.

Also, the design of the softener is not large enough to occupy space. The softener is based on 3 stage regeneration cycle to ensure purification and cleanliness of hard water.

Similarly, it is an ideal system for an iron level of more than three ppm and 26 GPG of hardness. Besides, it does not start regeneration automatically but on demand. So, you need to be careful and keep in mind when it needs renewal.

The installation of the water softener is easy, and using the system would not demand rocket science. The LCD indicates when it requires salt or when should the regeneration starts.

This salt-based water softener is winning hearts with 9 gallons per minute flow rate and boosting 11.2 GPM. It is an ideal choice for short families and very economical to invest in.


  • NSF certified.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • High flow rate.
  • It claims to refund withing90 days, and 3 years warranty.


  • The resin tank is weak to fight chlorine.
  • High usage can reduce the water flow.

Springwell Salt Based Water Softener for Well Water

Springwell Salt Based Water Softener

Product Overview

Type:   Salt-based Softener

Grain Capacity: 32,000 0r 80,000

Ideal household size: Up to 6 persons


Any well water softener should not throw a luxury vibe look. It is responsible for ensuring you have safe water to drink, clean, and use your skin and hair. Besides, while cleaning clothes, this water helps you focus remove stubborn stains while consuming less detergent as possible.

Therefore, Springwell water softener for well water comes in plain black, capable of tackling stubborn contaminants and resolving the hard water problem.

It is a long-term water solution piece with an unlimited warranty and appealing features. It is a two-in-one water softener consists of a brine and resin tank. The brine tank will store all the salt, whereas the other tank deals with an ion exchange process.

Moreover, this best water softener comes with a DIY installation kit, make the setting and installing relatively easy. Yet, it is pretty different from other filters, so it is better to consider the plumber’s help for the safe side.

Another appealing feature is digital meter control heads. It will update you with all the necessary information about your water softener like filter changes, speed, water usage, salt top-ups, etc.

In addition, the one million gallon capacity of the best well water softener and the minimal requirement of maintenance make it an ideal choice for households. You only have to concern about changing the softener salt, and boom! The well water softener is perfect to operate non-stop.


  • Fights with hard impurities.
  • Purify water for drinking and cleaning.
  • Digital meter control head.
  • It makes skin better and healthier.
  • Warranty is unlimited.


  • Little expensive.
  • Pelletized salt demands replacement more often.


Buying Guide

You can not make a purchasing choice on any product by merely reading their reviews.

If you are getting a water softener for well water for the first time, many things could be confusing, and all your time and effort in finding the best one could go in vain.

Therefore, you should take baby steps and learn about the product. Get yourself aware of the necessary features of the softener system, how much you should spend, and the types of water softeners available in the market.

Hence, this basic knowledge about the product saves you from facing distress that you could feel as soon as you enter the market.

Let’s start with the types of Water Softeners.


Types of Water Softeners

Usually, there are five types of water softeners available. Each has unique qualities that make it different, and you should get one according to your requirement.

  • Salt-Based

First, we have is Salt-based water softener. People also call it an ion-exchange softener, and it is a typical or traditional system in every household. The softener mechanism is simple as the resin tank attracts all the impurities present in your well water and purifies it for drinking.

Besides, you may have to give extra attention to the maintenance and ensure salt presence. However, this type of softener comes with a long lifespan and is generally affordable.

  • Salt-Free

Another type of water softener we have is salt-free. Since the name implies, it does not need salt because it contains a filter responsible for wiping out all the hard material of well water. Surprisingly, the filter ensures chemical and bacteria removal from the water.

Moreover, it does not need timely maintenance, but it is pretty expensive and requires serious attention to invest.

  • Portable

Drinking water is not restricted to homes.

Yes, you need to drink water whenever you are thirsty, and it could be when you are out with your friends or family. So, this portable water softener is an inspiring addition to the softener family, especially for self-conscious people.

They are usually slight in size and do not require electricity to run. However, the system is salt-based, so you must keep the ingredient with you all the time.

  • Reverse Osmosis

It is pretty expensive but worth it. It removes every tiny particle of toxin available in the water. Still, it re-introduces minerals to make the soft water healthy.

What to consider?

Till now, you should make your mind about the type of water softener you need in your home.

However, this is not it. Few other elements need your attention, such as:


How much are you willing to spend on water softener?

Though the prices vary with the types of softeners, you should still have a concrete budget in mind.

A traditional salt-free water softener would cost you around $500 to $3000. Brand and features would make a difference in the price tag. Besides, the average cost of Salt-based water softeners should be $300 to $1000. They are relatively cost-effective, and their installation charges are also low.

Moreover, reverse osmosis is also expensive but worth every penny as it proposes phenomenal features. Nevertheless, it would cost you around $100 to $1800. Yes, it is available at a competitive price, but the installation fees of $1000 to $2800 make it expensive.

Remember, getting a water softener is not regular spending because it will ensure your healthy lifestyle. So, believe it as an investment.


Is your family big or small?

How many members are going to drink water in a day?

Ask yourself these questions and get the softener with the required grain capacity. The system’s capacity also indicates how likely the system removes hard water grains and how much time it needs to regenerate again.

Generally, the typical water softeners come in a size range of 8,000 to 80,000 gallons. But, you could see more capacity in the latest units. Also, you should know beforehand the hardness level of your water and make the decision accordingly.

Filter Tanks

Many best water softeners for well water contain a single tank combined with resin and brine. However, I have reviewed some units that come with separate tanks. The separate ones function quite differently as the brine tank stores all the salt, and the resin tank softens the water.

Since the tanks are separate, the system requires more space to set. Whereas maintaining or cleaning the tanks is easy in this way. On the other hand, the combined tank does not consume much space, but its maintenance is not easy as it sounds.


It is unnecessary, but if your water softener for well water comes with NSF/ANSI certification, that’s good. You will have proof of the system’s performance, and you can claim if anything goes wrong.


Remember, it is a technology with a significant chance of damaging while delivering, setting up, or during the working process. So, to stay on the safe side, always look for a product that offers maximum warranty years.

Moreover, when the manufacture or brand offers a warranty, it gains the consumer’s trust. It also suggests that the brand stands with the quality of its product. Many brands provide unlimited warranty and other claims of three to five years, which is also impressive.

Regeneration cycle

Regeneration refers to the process where the softener captures all the problematic particles from the water, makes it soft and available to the supply line, and continues with the process. So, the less time your water softener takes to run through this process, the better.


Why do I need a water softener for well water?

If you are using well water, you must know there is a presence of different harmful contaminants that would destroy your health. Also, they are the enemy of fibers, and you would not want to use this water for any purpose. So, to save yourself from this toxicity, invest in the best water softener for well water.

What is the purpose of the resin tank in the water softener?

The resin tank is responsible for capturing all the hard particles from the water and make the water supply free from them.

Is there any financial benefit of a water softener?

Prevention is always better than cure. Hard water is not only dangerous to your physical condition, but it also destroys pipes and different appliances. So, better waste money on maintaining other things, invest in a good water softener and be tension-free for a long time.

Can I install a Water Softener by myself?

Many brands design a water softener that is easy to install. However, some of them require professional assistance, which could cost a significant installation price. So, if you are avoiding this cost, get a softener that is easy to use and install.


The best water softener for well water becomes necessary, especially for the areas where the soft water supply is a dream.

People are considering investing in the best water softener because prevention is better than cure.

I have reviewed some of the best water softeners for well water available, along with the critical factors you should know before buying. However, if you have anything in mind, feel free to drop below and let everyone gain benefit.