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5 Best Electronic Water Softener 2021 | Expert Reviews with Pros & Cons

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Are you looking for the best electronic water softener? Then you are at the right place. We are going to solve this problem for you.

We have reviewed the top 5 electronic water softeners that actually work, Water Softeners are supposed to be ion exchange devices which replace the soft minerals of sodium with the hard minerals like magnesium, iron and other impurities with it. But if you are talking about the Electronic water softeners they actually function differently.

Electronic water softeners crystalize the hard minerals and make the hard water soft. Which future being called as soften water, and it actually works if you have water which does not have iron, i am referring to the well water that if you have well water then electronic water softener is not a good choice for you. So you make sure how much hardness of water you have if you are living in a city where municipal water comes and you just to make it more soft then this device works great. 

Top 5 Electronic water softener  2021


1. YARNA Electronic Water Softener

Yarna EWD03 Saltless Water Descaler System


Yarana is our top choice, because it is the best in this electronic water softening field. They are offering good quality products with a budget price. Normally water softener are supposed to be expensive and hard to maintain also need more space but this electronic water softener does not required as much space, it is easy to install and work prefect if you have non-well water


  • Easy to install
  • Price is normal 
  • Small space required
  • No maintenance 
  •  Reduces the effects of Limescale and Rust formation



  • Not work good for Well Water (where iron is present)


2. Eddy Electronic Water Softener


Eddy is another water softener which works with electricity and gives good results as well. The best thing of the eddy is that they have mentioned how their water softener works and which water actually suits it, so you can make sure before buying that if you need or not.

Eddy is 2nd pick in this list, it as well has good price value and performs good if the water does not have iron in it. It crystalize the hard minerals and makes your devices rust free and not let them clog your water heater if you have any. As it is making the water lighter, your soap and detergent usage will go down. You are going to get great benefits as well while you are taking shower as water is lighter in use and you will not face any skin issues.


  • Best water conditioner
  • Easy to use
  • No maintenance cost
  • Small space required
  • Price is in good range



  • Not perform well if iron is present 


3.  iSpring ED2000 Electronic Water Softener

iSpring ED2000 Salt-Free Electronic Water Softener



iSpring has offered electronic water softeners for a long time, they have plenty of reviews and most are positive. If you see the bad reviews those are actually the people who have water and because of iron it is not softening, so we always recommend you if you are going to buy it just make sure your water does not have lots of iron in it. Because iron can be crystallized well because of that water remains harder in use.

iSpring works almost like eddy electronic water softener, the only thing is that it is a cheap option and has somewhere lower quality then the above options. But still it is being used and performing well. If you don’t want to invest too much in it then you can start using it and it will perform well as well.



  • Easy in maintenance
  • Work Excellent if iron is not present.
  • Easy to install
  • Required low space


  • Not working when iron is present there.
  • Working good for calcium but not removing it at all, just makes it softer so it will be easier to be scrapp off but we suggest you monitor it after a while like a month so it will start working gradually better than ever.


4. HydroFLOW HS38 Electronic water Softener


HydroFLOW HS38 Electronic water Softener



HydroFlow brought the innovative design in the electronic water softener field. They have unique design and offering the promising quality as well compared to other prices is manageable too. 

HydroFlow has less reviews which make it early to decide that either it is working on every type of water on but still they have given 5 Year of warranty which makes it more promising and easy to take.

Like other Electronic water softeners, it works great with the water where iron is less present or not present at all. It gives you a water heater, new life and needs very low maintenance. It is a great idea to have it and make your water heater life long. 



  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • Low maintenance / No maintenance
  • Low usage of Electricity 
  • Easy to install for sure


  • High Price
  • Less Reviews


5. Aqua-Rex WK1 Electronic Water Softener

Aqua-Rex WK1 Electronic Water Softener


Aqua-Rex is new in this league, so it does not have such an impact but still we have checked that it is working well like the above electronic water softener. And as well like the above it has some major issues with the hardness of water if it contains the iron it. 

It is as well higher in the price, but they are claiming that they are offering better quality then their competitor. So if you are looking for any option the other 3 above then this could be the choice for you as well.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Not remove minerals, crystallize them to give you better results
  • Energy saver


  • Bit of Expensive 
  • Not works with well water

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End Remarks

Lets Conclude it, we have described their functionality and everything that which water best suits it. In our prospect if you have water where iron is not present and you want to condition your water to reduce the issues of hard water then these are the best option available with the lowest price. Our Top Pick is the YARNA Electronic Water Softener, You can take it without any hassle if you don’t want to be puzzled more.

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    iSpring ED2000, since using this device I can clearly see the change of water, soap stays more and feels very clean when done. The instructions are easy to understand to follow.


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