How to Clean a Water Softener Resin Tank in Home

How to Clean a Water Softener Resin Tank

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If you have a water softener, then it is possible at one point you are going to face an issue of resin and you have to clean the water softener resin tank. So we are going to tell you how you can easily do this cleaning at home.

Water Softeners exchange the hard minerals with the soft minerals of sodium, So it starts making a raw on the brine tank which is the hard minerals coming from the water. You should check your resin tank at least once in a month or if you usage is low then at least 2 months once.

Cleaning a Water Softener Resin Tank in Home

Water Softener Cleaning is the task which can be done in different manners, which depends on the complexity. Like if you have done it for the long time then you have to buy some kind of resin cleaner, which helps you to remove the contaminants from the brine tank. Another way is simple: you just have to make sure that your resin tank does not have any rust and hard contaminants and then you can do this at home without any other chemicals.

We recommend that you clean your resin tank when the salt level is low, it helps you in the manner that you do not have to unload all the salt and it will as well be a cost effective thing to do.

Using Bleach and Water

When you have decided to clean your resin tank then switch off the water softener and remove it from the valve ( Unscrewing). You can then clean the tank with the help of bleach and water. When it looks clean you can attach it again.

Using Resin Water Softener Cleaner

The 2nd way which is easiest but recommended when your tank have lots of hard containment is to stick to the resin tank. So if it is the case in your side then buy the iron-removing product those are selling for water softeners ( widely available on stores like amazon, eBay etc.) these chemicals change the iron into the soluble state which can be rinsed away easily with the water. Always follow the directions from the package, use the recommended quantity. Then remove the control panel cover and use the manual regeneration button. Using a screwdriver, turn the button to the “Service” setting to start the regeneration and flush the wastewater through the system.

End Remarks:

Water Softeners need maintenance to work properly, so keep your water softener clean and it will give you the good results. These are expensive items, so by just making sure cleanliness you can easily avoid any big problems. Check out How to Tell If a Water Softener is Working?

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