Electronic Water Softeners are not like conventional water softeners, these are not doing ion exchange with any soft minerals, these crystallize the water hard minerals and make the water soften for use.  There are different benefits of electronic water softener, and I am going to address those with also mentioning cons too.

Who needs Electronic Water Softener

These are the cheap choices, if you want the water softener but not have space for it, or you are using a water which has less hardness and not want to remove the minerals from the water then electronic water softeners are the excellent choice for you. 

These are usually called as water conditioner or descaler instead of water softener, because their functionality is different then the salted water softeners, these water softener or conditioner not make your water slippery or not remove minerals at all.

Effectiveness of Electronic Water Softener

About How effective these electronic water softeners are, so let me clarify these are really good performing descalers when the iron is not present, but if there is iron present or other hard minerals those can’t be crystallized then these softeners struggle a bit. As hard minerals like iron cannot be crystallized therefore their effectiveness is compromised. But if you have water which you have less hardness and you just want to make sure that your want comes out with conditioning so not leave stains on your clothes, dishes or other home accessories then these work like a charm. Electronic water softener also makes your soap and detergent use minimal because this water is already a conditioner which needs less soap to clean things.