How Does a Bathtub Overflow Drain Work


Bathtub overflow plate is the ultimate solution to avoid the overflow of water in your home, overflow can be a big mess if you have control on it. Bathtub overflow plate manages the levels of water, if the water level is higher then the given values then it will drain it. 

How Does a Bathtub Overflow Plate Work

Bathtub overflow works great when you want to stop the water in the tub and not to let it drain rapidly, if you want to drain it you can do it easily by removing screw level.

If you are looking to replace your bathtub overflow plate, there is a list of best bathtub overflow plates, you can choose any of these.


Delta Faucet U2693-PK Overflow Plate 2 Hole Tub Drain

Delta Faucet U2693-PK Overflow Plate




Delta Overflow plate is one of the best overflow plates for tube drain, which works perfect if you are installing a new bathtub or want to replace it with your old overflow plate. It has more than 1000 reviews with avg of 4.5 stars which encourages buyers to purchase it. 

One of the review from Amazon shop is below, 

This overflow plate is excellent quality and heavily chromed for years of service. Unfortunately, the screws were too short and I could not get them started into the overflow drain connection. I went to a big box store and purchased one of the overflow plates that had longer screws. I used the Delta cover plate and the screws from covers I purchased locally. That worked, but unfortunately, the locally purchased set used stainless steel screws instead of chrome. There is a slight color difference but it’s not highly noticeable. The big box store overflow plates looked cheap and weighed almost half as much as the Delta ones. In spite of the issue with screw length, I rated this overflow cover 5 stars.

It’s price is also the selling point of it. It is a really cheaper option for a bathtub overflow plate.

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