How much Salt does a water Softener use

How much Salt does a Water Softener use?

Water Softener Salt quantity may depend on the hardness of water, age of the softener, and usage of the water. If you want your softener to keep working well, you should check the Water Softener brine tank every month and sometimes a week for a level of salt.

If you have a small tank of water softener and your usage is higher, then salt can be consumed more rapidly, and then you may face more hardness in water compared to the early days.

Hardness and Usage of Salt

Water softener salt usage depends on the hardness of water, as they remove the hard minerals from the water and replace it with salt minerals (sodium or potassium).

  1. Water Softeners use 1 pound of salt to remove 2,400 grains of hardness from its water softening resin. A water softener softening 75 gallons of water per day that has 10 grains of hardness per gallon will use 5 ounces of salt to remove the hardness accumulated per day. [1]
  2. It’s a general rule that water softeners use 40 lbs of salt if your water has a hardness of 7 to 9 GPG (grains per gallon).

Water Usage & Water Softener Salt Usage

Water usage is as well the factor to the usage of salt in water softener, Because when the usage increase and the water softener keep replacing the minerals, and the salt usage as well increase and can be dissolved more rapidly than usual, same is if you have lesser usage of water then this usage of salt can be decreased.

Most of the water softener as well gives you the option to increase or decrease the usage of salt, you can control the softening factor with the valve and can maintain the usage of salt in your water.

If your brink tank is large and you can add more salt, then as well the frequency of adding new salt may decrease.

It’s advisable to check with your local water specialist for specifics on how much salt your system is using and how often to purchase salt.

Size of Brine Tank & Salt Usage

How much salt do you put in a water softener?

A usually small tank that is approximately 7 inches in diameter and 44 inches high should only have 1/2 of a cubic foot of water softening resin in it, water softener of this dimension will typically need only about 6 pounds of salt per regeneration, where a giant machine with a 13-inch diameter tank that’s 54 inches high might need 15 lbs of salt to regenerate its softening resin properly.

Salt usage of different size of water softeners

Water Softener using too much salt?

You may face this issue, that even if you have checked all other things still it’s dissolving rapidly if its the case on your side then we suggest you change the type of salt you are using. There are different types of salt some are denser, and others may be lesser. So you must follow the instructions available with your water softener or ask your local water specialist to check the quality of water, and to suggest the type of salt.

Which Type of the Salt do you need?

Experts recommend using either potassium chloride or evaporated water softener salt pellets with a purity rate of 99.5 percent.

We have reviewed the best salt for water softener in 2021, you can check and decide which suits your water softener more.

Well water Vs. City Municipal Water

Well water usually has more minerals than municipal water. Because municipal water is already filtered so it may have fewer minerals and less hardness compared to the well water. Well water contains iron and magnesium, which could be treated differently, and may have higher hardness than municipal water. 

When you are choosing or installing the water softener, you can take advice from the local specialist that how your water softener is going to respond to the type of water you have.

Water Softener Technology and Salt Usage

Water softening resin can vary from brand to brand water softener, All the brands use a different type of the parts, and technology and efficacy may differ. If you are confused about choosing between separate water softeners, then we have reviewed salt free and all types of water softeners visit this link to see more. 


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