How much water should be in the brine tank

How much water should be in Brine Tank? Answered

Typically 11-23 litres (3-6 gallons) are available in a wet brine tank. It‘s a regular thing, but not wit

brine tank with salt and water

h every water softener. Most water softeners do not contain as much water. There are two types of water softeners, Wet brine tanks and dry brine tanks. We are going to explain both below.


 11-23 litres of water are available in the wet brine tank most of the time. Even when regenerating, it’s still there. If your Salt level is higher than the water level, you might not see this; else, it is right there in the brine tank all the time.


If you have the latest water softener technology, they mostly have dry brine tanks, which means your water softener brine tank is dry, and you will not see water in it unless it’s in regeneration mode.

Dry brine tanks only have water in them when they are on regeneration mode for 3 to 4 hours. After the regeneration cycle, it will be dry again, and then no water should be there that time. It is an automatic process, so you dont need to be worried to remove water from it.

How to know that Water Softener has Dry brine tank or Wet brine tank?

If you are using new water softener systems with a digital valve, then it is possible to have a dry brine tank. For older systems, wet brine tanks are standard. But still, if you are confused, you can contact your water softener provider to clear this confusion.

How much Salt should be in my water softener brine tank?

Well, the answer is subjective. It depends on the water softener brand. They usually give you a manual for it, and you should follow that. But for giving you an idea, we have listed the below checklist for you.

  1. Keep your brine tank as full as one-quarter of Salt all the times
  2. Your Salt level should be few inches above of water level (for wet brine tank)
  3. Don’t overfill Salt. It can be as well harmful to smooth ion exchange processes.

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