NuvoH2O Home Salt Free Water Softener System [Review 2021]

Nuv0H20 are the salt free water softener systems, which are one of the high rated saltless water softeners for home use. If you don’t like salted water softener then these are the best choice for your home.

Nuv0H20 Water Softener uses the filter mechanism to purify the water for you and it has three variants of it available for sale. So even if you don’t need to worry about changing salt, you have to change the filter after a certain time.

Note: Salt-Free Water Softeners are not as efficient as the conventional water softener those uses the salt but still NuvoH20 is claiming that it’s the best salt free water softener and also offering warranty.

NuvoH20 have mixed reviews from the consumers, as some have found this one as very good and effective on the other side few are rating it worst or at least not good for softening the water. Reason, is that because of the hardness of water, if you’re using water and it’s very hard then most probably you are not going to be happy with it, but if you are water hardness is less or iron free then you are going to love this Water softener system.


  • Salt-Free
  • Minimal Size – Not much space required to fit in home
  • Easy installation
  • Great warranty & money back guarantee
  • Easy to install and use
  • Retains natural minerals of water in ideal proportions ( Non-Ion Exchange Technology )


  • Not for the water with hardness over 10 GPG or well water
  • Requires replacement filter cartridges 1-2 times per year
  • Most of the user are claiming not working (But as usual the problem of the hardness and the well water)


Nuvo H2O Complete Manor & Taste Water Softener & Filter System (Complete System)



Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System




Product Specifications

  • Salt-free water softener system (uses nanotechnology to change the structure of the water).
  • Requires a filter to operate (which requires changing)
  • Approximately 60 000 gallon capacity before changing the filter.
  • Super compact size – 8” wide by 29” long (ideal for condos, small apartments and other small areas)
  • 90 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on the product.
  • Designed for homes 2100 square feet and above.
  • Built in by-pass valve and pressure release valve.


Nuvoh2o Water Softener Installation

Step 1: Turn of the water line.

Step 2: Attach Wall mounting Panel







Step 3: Attach C-Bracket to the Panel.







Step 4: Remove Housing Head

Step 5:  Attach Housing head to Panel through Side Holes In Bracket


Step 6: Connect water Supply Line


Step 7: Check Proper Sealing Of  O-Ring

Step 8 : Properly Insert cartridge to Housing Body

Step 9 : Secure Housing Head to Body

Step 10 : Turn on Water and Check for Leaks


Nuvoh2o installation video

End Remarks 

Well, We are not recommending it, if you are using well water and do not love to change the filters after a certain time period. But if you are using city water or your well water is good with results using salt-less water softeners, then this one is the good choice for your home.


Q. How to install nuvoh2o water softener?

Ans: It is easy to install, we have complete covered that above article.

Q. Is NuvoH20 Work for Well Water?

Ans: No, If your water hardness is more the 10GP, then most probably not going to be work.

Q. How much does nuvoh2o cost?

Ans: It can range from $650 to $1500.

Q. Where to buy nuvoh2o?

Ans: It is available on Amazon.