Pentair Water Softener Review

Ultima Pentair Water Softener Review: WS48-56sxt10 Model [Budget Water Softener]

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Ultima Pentair Water Softener is the Fleck Water softener, It is the budget water softener and i must say it is the best at this price. I am going to review every aspect of this water softener, why it is important and what different it has and will make sure to make your decision easier.

Pentair Water Softener Review



  • Complete system including standard 14×33 brine tank, mineral tank, valve with bypass and adapter.
  • Fleck 5600Sxt digital metered control head
  • 1.5 cu. Ft. Upgraded 10 percent crosslink resin
  • Easy to install with AFW install kit as pictured included, reliable long lasting water treatment
  • Complete system including standard 14×33 brine tank, mineral tank, valve with bypass and adapter

Pentair Water Softener Review:

Hard water may contain calcium, iron and magnesium that need to be replaced with the soft minerale of sodium of salt. The Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck Water Softener system is perfect for doing it. It consists of a mineral tank and a brine tank.


You may have well water or municipal water, but these both type of water can be soften using this water softener, Water will be enters in the softener and the mineral tank filters the hard minerals and with ion exchange technology soft mineral which is in this case is the sodium will be replaced with it.  The Pentair Fleck water softener will complete this process without any issues at all. It is efficient and also the price is reasonable. 


Any water Softener needs to be measure for your home size, like how many people are living and how much water it can be softened per day easily. As hardness of water measure with the unit of grain In an average household of four, 3,200 grains of this stuff need to be processed per day. The Pentair promises a processing capacity of 48,000 before needing regeneration.


The brine tank is loaded with 250 lbs of salt, and it can process a capacity of 48,00 before needing regeneration as mentioned above.

Regeneration and Flushing ( Programmed Automatic with Fleck Control Valve ):

Regeneration involves flushing the mineral tank with this brine solution. The wastewater is then flushed down the drain. This whole procedure can complete itself automatically by programming the Fleck control valve. Periodically check and top up the salt level, that is all the upkeep this system needs.

Pentair Water Softener Pros & Cons


  • Ion Exchange Hard minerals
  • Budget Price
  • Low Maintenance Charges
  • Best for both Well & Municipal Water
  • Easy to Install
  • Easily Extendable (can add more tanks as you required)


  • Short Period Warranty
  • May need more Salt for Softening (Ongoing Expense)
  • No real clear instructions on first time regeneration ( Make Sure Learn it from Our Website )
Best Purchase in this Price

Final Verdict 

It is a good purchase, and no doubt about it. The only concern which you have to make sure before buying is the sizing water softener. Calculate your water hardness and then check how much water you have to consume per day then if it fits you, go ahead buy, and it will not disappoint you. 

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