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How to purify well water for drinking

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If you are looking for the filter which purifies the water perfectly, then you have to make sure that what your water contains in it. Let me Explain in more details

If you are using well water then there should be the minerals in it and for that purpose filters are used in different machinsam, and where if you are living in a city which normally has supply water which is already filtered by the Govt. but contains the chlorine, and which is the thing you have to filter and purify your water.

Purification of Well Water

Well water contains hard minerals, and as well it depends on the area of living if you are living where the water comes rapidly after boring the earth than most probably you are near to river or have good land which have most probably water which could be drinkable but in the areas like where water level on earth is too deep most probably that water is not able to filter for drink because those minerals are hard and the taste of water is could be harsh.

When you are out of the city and you have to use well water, you should go for a lab test first which can tell you if it is drinkable or not. If it is not drinkable then you may require a Reverse Osmosis Plant, these can help you in this regard to purify your water and make it drinkable.

Even If lab test tells you that your water is drinkable, it’s recommended to boil your water before you start drinking. It is the best source of water purification which eliminates germs from it.

Water Softener is another thing which people use for water softening but that is not drinkable water, it is used to replace the hard minerals with salt soft minerals and make your water softener which help to reduce usage of detergent and not leave the stains on the things while washing.

City Water Filter Purification

City water is or normally the water is provided by the govt. Supplies normally have been filtered from the back-end already and do not have such hard minerals but they include the chlorine in it which is bad for your health and as well the it makes the taste of water worse or at least not good.

So, to purify your city water you can have different types of filters like electrical or non electric water filters.

RO Plant ( Reverse Osmosis Plant) is as well the option there but it depends on your budget there are different ranges available and could be costly for a small family. On the other hand Sink Filters are cheaper and as well give almost the same results. There are some type of water filters for this purpose available eg. Under Sink Filter, Countertop Water Filters, Inline Fridge filter and Ro Plants. 

Still, it’s not necessary to have a water filter plant, but we recommend you to at least boil your city water which helps to remove harmful bacteria from it.

River Water Filtration or Purification

 Same goes for river water, it depends on the quality of the water. if you think you have to filter your water which is coming from the river, you can boil it or can use countertop water filters, RO plant, Under sink water filter or any other type of filter which are certified by govt. 

 Top Most Common Purify Water Filtration System

Here are the top most common types of water filtration system used widely, each of them may have pros and cons of it:

  • Sediment Filtration
  • Activated Carbon Block (ACB) Filtration
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration
  • Distillation
  • Ion-Exchange (IX)
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection
  • Ultrafiltration (UF)
  • Activated Alumina (AA) Filtration
  • Ionization

End Remarks

We recommends that, must have lab test of your water, and make sure that it is drinkable. If you are kind a sure that water is drinkable and you are not using any kind of filter in b/w of it then boil water and then drink it.

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