Standing Water in Water Softener Salt tank

Standing Water in Water Softener Salt tank? | Solution

Water Softener and Salt tankIf you are seeing the standing water in the water softener salt tank (called as Brine tank), it could be a normal thing but if the overflow is more than usual then you must check what’s wrong and is everything is right. In this post we are going to mention all the issues which could relate to this issue and what are the solutions to these.

Incoming brine line hose is disconnected

Yes this could be possible that the brine line hose is disconnected. There is a waft which controls the level in the brine tank. So check if it’s not disconnected or faulty.

Bottom of the tank Blocked with Salt

There is a slot which controls the overflow of the water from the bottom, if there is any blocked salt or its clogged then it will make it difficult to reduce overflow of the water. You should check the brine tank if in the bottom that salt or any thing is not clogged or blocking the flow. If its seem clogged then clean your brine tank and again fill with new salt.

Clogged control valve (Drain flow)

Most of the time in the place where well water is being used that means it has lots of other minerals and iron in it. Because of resin frequently, you may see a clogged control valve. If that is the case on your side then clean it out and the problem may be solved by this.

Clogged injector

Clogged injector as well can be fixed by just cleaning it and removing the clogged salt. Calcium Lime Rust is the solution which can be used to remove the clogged area. If it’s still facing the blockage then you should replace this.

Brine level control Problem

If all the above things are alright and still facing issues, then float may be the problem in your case. It’s better to remove and clean it out, remove the cap of the top of the brine well. If the cap is not there or missing then it can as well cause the clog there.

Electronic Or Faulty spacer and/or pistons

There are some electronic controls, spacers and pistons in water softener, if your water softener is still massing then these could as well create the issue and make it overflow or make your brine tank full of water. If you are facing the issue because of these then you should hire any expert of water softener to check out all the electronic devices, spacer or piston if required.

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