Water Softener not using Salt

Water Softener not using Salt – Solution

Do you have a water softener? And It is not using salt now? Then you can find an answer to your question with the solution of the problem here. There can be different reasons that salt is not being used by softeners, we explain each reason, and you can check those gradually. 


1. Salt Bridge

If you are not maintaining your brine tank and not cleaning up, then Salt pellets can form a salt bridge inside the brine tank, which can also resist the regeneration system. It will not use the salt as it is already in stone form. So you have to check your water softener brine tank first and if it is clogged down with salt, then clean it up. It may form the cake down to the tank, so you have to make sure that it is clean upto the last level of the brine tank. Make sure it is not so hard; it can be harmful to the brine tank. Remove these bridge partlets smoothly and with balanced power.

2. Component failure

If there is no salt bridge, then it could be a component failure. Start a diagnostic test on your softener described in the owner’s manual to check regeneration system components.

3. Timer not Responding

If the timer is not responding when you press the control key to start the diagnostic test, it is probably happening because of this timer, and it is broken. Replace it, and it will begin the regeneration cycle again because the timer can cause no salt use.

4. Valve Motor not Running

Suppose if the timer is working fine, but the valve motor is not running. It is an issue of the valve motor. You should contact water softener support, and they may change it. Valve motor is responsible for positioning the rotor valve to control water flow for regeneration. If it is not working, then salt not can be consumed for water softening. 

5. Rotor valve Problem

If the valve motor is working, but the rotor valve is not running, it is a rotor valve issue. As it is responsible for controlling the water flow in the brine tank, if it is not working, regeneration will not start, which affects salt usage in the water softener system.

6. Clogged Venturi

Lastly, if all above you have checked gradually and all are working fine, check your venture. Because if it is clogged, then as well it stops the usage of salt. To fix it, you can remove the clogging, but if it is damaged, you have to replace it.


We have told all the processes that salt is consumed in a water softener, and how you can check if salt is not being consumed. You can check all the parts gradually, and if you are not a technical person and not able to fix it, you should contact the support team of the water softener then can help for sure. They might charge you but if it is in warranty then you can save some money for sure.

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