Best Water Softening Products For Hard Water in 2023 [Reviews and Ultimate Guide]

If you are facing the hardness of water and want to know what products are best for water softening then this post is for you, I am going to address all types of products that are best for water softening. We are going to review from the cheapest to most expensive easy for water softening. Which will enable you to make your choice of water softening.

Top Type of Water Softeners

Water Softener TypesRatingsPrice
Salted Water Softeners 4.7 CHECK PRICE
Electronic Water Softener4.8 CHECK PRICE
Saltless WateR Softener4.6 CHECK PRICE
Water Softener Shower Head4.8 CHECK PRICE
Under Sink Water Softeners4.8 CHECK PRICE

5 Best Type of Water Softener Reviews

Water Softeners

Water SoftenerWater Softeners are the most common device for doing water softening, these are being used from decades for making the water soft and remove the hard minerals, these are working by changing the hard minerals with soft minerals like salt have sodium which is the softer mineral than the other minerals available in well water ( normally Magnesium, Iron and other impurities are the source of hardness in water). 

Water Softener have a brine tank attached to it, and you have to add salt to the water softener which later on is used to change the hard minerals of water with the help of water softener, it is called an ion exchange technology. 

This type of Water softeners are expensive in general, but most efficient for water softening of well water especially. But when this water gets soften, you can feel the water bit of slippery in nature if you are taking bath, you can feel that water is bit lighter but you might not feel as much good while using it because it is different in nature but for sure it is good if you are don’t want to have different impurities in water and this water is best for skin too. Another benefit of water softener is that your soap and detergent usage is going to be decreased because water does not leave stains itself and help to clean things. 

Normally lines get clogged because of hard minerals this problem is also going to be solved with this water softener. Like in water heaters hard water are the cause of fault mostly, for that water softeners are the best choice to overcome. 

We have listed a complete list of top water softeners, you can visit that for detailed review, we can recommend you the best water softener which is the Fleck 5600SXT 64,000, it is the best pick because of its price and performance. If you are looking for a water softener for home use and have a small family then i would  suggest you go with it for sure. It is the excellent water softener with the lowest price in this league.

Electronic Water Softener  

Electronic Water Softeners Benefits

Electronic water softener is the term which is generally being used but the reality is that these are not actually water softener instead of that these are the water conditioner. Water Softener uses ion exchange technology as I said above but instead of exchanging the minerals, these water conditioners crystallize the hard minerals, and make your water more soften which gives lots of similar benefits like water softener is given by doing ion exchange.


Only the problem with these types of water softener is that these cannot be useful if you have well water or in other words if water contains iron and other hard minerals those are not able to be crystallized. 


These are the cheap option and need very less space, you can use it b/w water tank and the output pipeline, mostly it is being used b/w heater and water tank to make water heater to live long, this kind of water softener also fights against clogging in pipe line and removes the rust. 


If you want to see the benefits of it, then you have to use it for atleast 2 months and then you can see the good results in longer run, in starting you may not feel as such changes but as soon it starts removing clogging you can see that your water is more lighter than ever. Also it is not removing the hard minerals and doing crystallization, so you will not feel any kind of awkward water feeling while taking baths.


Our Top Pick for electronic water softener is the Yarana Water Softener, we as well have reviewed different electronic water softeners, you can visit and choose any of those.  

YARNA Electronic Water Softener

Saltless Water Softener

Best Salt Free Water Softeners

These are the water softeners which are not using any type of salt, and still doing the water softening. These are the debatable water softeners, as I mentioned above that electronic water softeners are doing the saltless water softening without using the ion exchange technology, same way these water softeners are using the filters to make water soften and remove the hardness. 


These are as well not perform well with well water, these are the best choice if you have water which does not contain iron. These are a bit expensive in nature but these are not using any kind of electricity or salt. These are easy to install, but expensive to maintain.


In this type of water softener Novoh20 is doing great work, and we are picking it as a top pic in the list of saltless water softeners.

Water Softener Shower Head

If you are only worried about your skin, and not want to expense too much on it. Then use a water softener shower head, water softener shower head is the cheapest, easiest way to make your water soften but only while taking baths.

Water Softener shower head, have built-in installed filters in shower heads. These filters remove the impurities from the water, these are really efficient to make your skin glow and make you tension free.

Water softener shower heads available in wide variety, these are using KDF Filter, calcium sulfite and carbon filter combos to make sure to remove different kinds of impurities from water, in bonus mostly using vitamin-c which makes your skin glow more. 

Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter, is our top choice for water softener shower heads. They are using Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Technology, which makes sure that you have clean water for your use, and the best thing of these shower heads is that they remove the chlorine and chloramine as well which is the culprit in city water. So if you don’t want chlorine in your water for bath then use these shower heads and make your life easier with healthier skin.

Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter


Under Sink Water Softeners

Under sink water softeners are the type of water filters which you can install under your sink and when you are washing your dishes and other accessories these filter your water and make your water soften, which results in less use of soaps and not leaving stains on the things while washing it. These are really effective and being widely used. 

It is as well the partial water softener, like only useful for the while you are using water from the sink, So if you are only looking  for a cheap water softener only for washing things then you can use these water filters.

Culligan FM-15A Sink Mount Filter, is our top choice for under sink water filters. It has less price with full benefits and is positively reviewed by hundreds of users. This Filter water and give you the best water for drinking, washing and cooking use. Filter lasts Up to 2 months or 200 gallons. its Reduces azine, chlorine, lindane, lead, particulates class I, turbidity while removing bad taste/odor; Carbon block filtration method.

Culligan FM-15A Sink Mount Filter




Q. Which water softener is the cheapest?

Ans. Water Softener Shower Heads are the cheapest option for softening water.

Q. Which Water softener is the best?

Ans. Water Softeners which use ion technology are the best, because of their efficiency.

Q. How much water softener can cost?

Ans. Water softener can cost you 600 to 3000 usd, depending on capacity and brand.

Q. Can water softener cause itchy skin?

Ans. Not for all, but few people can have this problem because of the salt being used for changing the water properties.

Q. Can water softener cause low water pressure?

Ans. Not true for every water softener, if you are facing it check the pipeline and the capacity of water softener.

Q. Will water softener remove iron?

Ans. Yes, Water Softeners remove the iron and exchange it with sodium.

Q. Water softener can you drink?

Ans. No, Water Softener water exchanges the hard minerals with the sodium. Which results in water to be salty and that can be problematic for health while using it to drink.

End Remarks

In this list, we have reviewed all types of water softeners, those have a variety of differences and you can choose as per your requirement. We have listed from cheap to the expensive and from efficient from to basic. I hope you are going to like this review, if you are using any softener other than these you can comment below and let us know.