Why is My Pur Filter Still Blinking Red

Why is My Pur Filter Still Blinking Red – Solved

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If you are first time seeing the red light on your Pur filter, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. We are going to address for new and old users why Pur filter blinks red and as well train you about how to handle this error.

How many types of Lights Pur filter have?

Firstly we are going to address that how many type of lights pur have and what are the meanings of these light,

Green Light:

Green light is the first one which you are going to see when you buy this filter, this light indicates that the system is working fine and removing the impurities from the water.

Yellow Light

Yellow light is the 2nd light that comes after green, it is the indication that your filter is getting older and facing some difficulties to clean out all the impurities. You can replace your filter at this time but if not still it is ok. 1 filter of Pur is supposed to filter out 100 gallons of water, so if you think you have consumed these then you can change it otherwise you can still wait for the red light.

Red Light

Red lights in most appliances are an indication of danger. This means something is wrong and has to be fixed, so same here goes. It is an indication that the water filter is no longer removing impurities from water and you should replace the filter to make it work properly. 

Why is My Pur Filter Still Blinking Red After Filter Change??

If you have changed the filter but it is still blinking red, then we can go to fix this but it is not a worrying thing. It is a false indication, it is happening because some impurities are stuck in your Pur filter which you can fix by cleaning out with your hands, also to maintain this you can use a clean exterior with mild dishwashing detergent using a sponge regularly.

If it is still not fixed then you can reset your Pur filter, it has a small button inside of it which you can press and hold for sometimes and it will reset your Pur filter. It should fix this red blinking issue. 

Anyhow if it is not still fixed then it is the hardware issue, which you can take out to the Pur outlet and they can fix and offer you its maintenance services.

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